"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates." Deuteronomy 4: 6-9

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Preschool Recap

Carson has had a fun month in preschool! This month the fire department came for a visit. Carson couldn't wait to tell us all about climbing up into the fire truck!
He's also getting really good at sorting colors using M&M's. 
He had fun wearing his silly socks with his friends... 
And doing math games with a spider theme...
He did a great job following pattern cards... 
And did his favorite...stamp painting!
He learned a new blessing prayer this month and verse, and is thriving in his chapel time! He comes home telling us all kinds of information from the Bible, and Matt and I have even had to do some searching ourselves with questions he asks! Our little boy is getting so big!

Trick or Treating 2012

It's been our tradition since Carson was a baby to have dinner at Nana and Papa's house, then trick or treat in their neighborhood. Now our family is growing, and the kids are getting bigger, and they really look forward to dressing up like something fun and hitting the streets for sweets! Here is our Dino Dan and Dinosaur!
Mommy had rested all day so I could attempt to walk the neighborhood with the boys. Thankfully I was able to, and had such a good time with my boys! 
Hannah Grace was Snow White, and she was so adorable! They are just the sweetest cousins! They posed for some photos, but then they were off! 
We always do a practice run on Nana and Papa's house first. They ring the doorbell, and Nana gives them their first treat of the night! Of course it gets opened right away! Tanner had a bit of a struggle at the beginning, he thought you opened each piece you got at every house. It was a rude awakening for our 2 year old! :) 
Patiently waiting at their first official house, and ready to say "Trick or Treat!" They did so good, and we were so pleased with their manners! 
Our little dino decides it's time for him to push the stroller. Too bad Mommy was too big to ride, that would have been a nice treat!  The kids did such a good job walking the neighborhood and came back with lots of candy!
Our sweet Hadley stayed back at the house while we trick or treated, but we all got our snuggles in when we got back. Hannah was Snow White, and Hadley was the apple! Love my sister's creativity! She was a cute apple indeed! Such a fun night! 

Halloween Costumes

It's been an unusual week around our house. I have had a couple of bad incidents with vertigo over the past few weeks, but the episode this past Friday sent me back to the doctor and into bed. I haven't been able to do much of anything, not even drive. It was getting close to Halloween and I wasn't able to finish what I had started weeks ago on the boys Halloween costumes. Matt, super Daddy, took charge! He googled what Dino Dan looks like exactly, drove around to several stores, and made Carson's dreams of being Dino Dan come true! 
Now that's one handsome Dino Dan! 
Tanner wanted to be a dinosaur of some sort, but I wasn't able to find exactly what I was looking for. I was planning on just sewing some dinosaur spikes onto a green hoodie, but dizziness and a small needle just don't mix! I couldn't believe how AWESOME Matt did at sewing Tanner's entire costume together. I'm telling you, he's amazing! 
He even came up with a tail!  
I helped by using the hot glue gun and creating some detail. The finished product... 
When we tried it on Tanner, he didn't know what to think! 
Happy boy seeing himself as a dinosaur in the mirror! 
I have spikes!! 
So thankful for my amazing hubby for coming through and making the boys costumes a success!

Preschool Halloween Party

Carson was so excited to dress up in his costume and go to school for his Halloween party! Instead of candy treats we went with cute little orange fruit cups disguised as jack-o-lanterns!
Teacher treats, they were so yummy! 
Our Dino Dan before school began... 
Searching for any dinosaurs that may stop by... 
Carson and his good friend Brodey (aka Brobot!)... 
The best teacher ever, Ms. Nadia, and her Dino Dan! 
Dino Dan playing with the Halloween sensory table...
Carson came home with a fun treat bag and had such a fun party day!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Carving Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins just gets better and better each year! Carson and Tanner both sat so still and were really into cleaning out their pumpkins! Daddy cuts the top off each pumpkin...
Carson cleaning out his pumpkin... 
TT discovering what's inside his pumpkin... 
Loved his way of trying to get the seeds out! He immediately turned his pumpkin over and started beating it like a drum hoping to knock everything out! Love this kid! 
Carson chose an angry bird pumpkin this year. Daddy always gets started so great, but then everyone has to step away for a few minutes when the small little pieces (like angry bird's eyes!) start to fall out, haha. Toothpicks always come to the rescue and hold the pieces back together. 
Way to go Daddy! Angry Bird pumpkin is a success! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fun & learning at home!

I think my famous phrase throughout all of my blog posts are "This is my favorite age!" I just can't help it, every age and stage my boys are going through is just so fun. Carson is really at a great age where he is excited to do new things and learn. He's a sponge! I took an idea off of pinterest and created a race track around his bedroom. This entertained the boys for quite some time! There were 2 sides to the track, and they'd pass each other and "honk!"
Carson LOVES to do worksheets and workbooks. I'm always so amazed how fast he picks up the instructions and completes the pages. I know I should just soak in the moment of him loving these books so much, but sometimes I have to encourage him to do other things because he will seriously do a whole entire workbook in one sitting! Love his excitement! 
Carson also loves computer games. His favorite is Curious George on the PBS website. He knows exactly how to get on and move from game to game. Tanner loves watching Carson play too, and puts his two sense into how he should play it. It's a great way to get dinner cooked that's for sure! 
My boys love to paint! This only happens on the back porch and takes Mommy's full attention! Tanner would paint the porch if I walk away. They love to mix colors. Carson figured out that red+yellow=orange! He was thrilled! 
The internet makes it so easy to keep kids occupied! I am constantly printing off crafts and worksheets for them to do. This week we made a triceratops skeleton using a template from the internet, and uncooked macaroni noodles. They loved it! (And yes, we craft in our underwear, don't you? Ha!)
Tanner is really into dinosaurs right now. I love to hear him say "Stygimoloch" or "Triceratops". He loved this activity! 
I am venturing into the world of addition and subtraction with Carson. We have a Leapfrog math game that he loves to play (an Aunt Sharon hand-me-down!) and he is really good at it. I set up the problems for him, and he answers it by finding the correct card that has the solution on it. Addition is getting a little too easy now, so we have slowly introduced subtraction. Love my smart boys! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Aunt G & Hadley day!

I got to spend an entire morning with my new niece Hadley! She is just the sweetest baby! She never cries and loves to be held - my kind of baby! Just love her to pieces! She was more alert this visit and I loved my one on one time! Here are some pictures of our sweet little princess...
 I love this one! I put my hand on her head and she grabbed my arm. Such a snuggle bug! 
Love being an auntie!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A lot of Pumpkins!

We had a blast this weekend at Santa's Christmas Tree Forest/A Lot of Pumpkins Festival! I can't believe we have never been to this fun place before this weekend. They have similar activities during the month of December, and instead of pumpkins, you can cut down your own Christmas tree!
Our family fall picture 2012
Nana and Hannah came along for the fun too! 
Our first fun stop was at the hayride. We went right when they opened so it wasn't too crowded. The kids hopped right up and were ready for their ride.
Carson sat on a hay bail up front and loved the view!
Mommy and her boys after the hayride was done... 
Our next stop was the giant bounce pillow. This was just the coolest! 
Even Hannah Grace jumped on it, and she's not usually too fond of bounce houses. 
It was so fun, Mommy had to get on it too! 
2 silly cousins... 
Next was the pony ride. Tanner and Carson were both so big and rode all by themselves. 
They also had a small petting farm. The baby goats wandered around, so cute! 
TT and his love for animals. The baby goat needed a little lovin'! 
Feeding the bunny...
Our last stop was picking out our fall pumpkins. Our 2 little pumpkins... 
Mommy and her big 4 year old... 
Carson trys to hold a little too many! 
Hannah Grace posing for a picture, such sass! :) 
They found their perfect pumpkins to carve!
On our way out, Nana bought us some yummy kettle corn to munch on the way home. It was delicious! We can't wait to go back at Christmastime for more fun!