"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates." Deuteronomy 4: 6-9

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Big Announcement!

We had a big announcement to make after lunch. Our cousins Alex and Maddy always have some sort of game and Thankgiving trivia that we participate in after our big meal. This year, we had colored corn kernels that meant different things. We had to go around the table and tell a few things we were thankful for this year. Once we got down to the last person, I took Carson upstairs and changed him into his, "I'm the Big Brother" shirt. We came down the stairs and I told everyone that Carson was thankful for something this year. They read his shirt and were very excited!
Of course Carson didn't know what the big fuss was, but he was fine showing off his new shirt on the stairs. We are super excited about our new baby due to arrive June 11th, 2010!


We headed to Ocala this year to have Thanksgiving with the Frye's. My Aunt is a wonderful cook and hostess and we always have a great time!
This year they had a fun Thanksgiving bib and cup for Carson. He looked so cute in his bib and enjoyed his new cup too.
Carson thoroughly enjoyed his Thanksgiving meal! He kept saying, "Mmmmm!"
We went through all of the black Friday ads to make our Christmas lists and enjoyed the beautiful weather outside as well. Hannah was so cute in her little pink sweater!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving with our High School Group

Tonight we had a special Thanksgiving meal with our high school home group. They brought drinks and desserts, and I made the rest. I was extremely proud of myself for making my first holiday ham! How can you really mess up a ham, but I was still nervous! With a little help from your mother and mother-n-law...anything is possible!

Carson thought the food was pretty yummy too!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Carson's first haircut!

What a fun Friday night we had with our little boy! First we took Carson out for pizza...one of his favorites! He loves to sit in the booth with us. Daddy and Carson shared some crust! :) Then it was off to Cool Cuts for Carson's first haircut! He hopped right up into the fire truck chair and played with a little toy train for awhile. He wasn't so sure about the lady spraying water on his hair at first, but was quickly distracted by all sorts of things. He sat there for the most part and didn't move too much, until towards the end, he was done playing and ready to get down. We were so proud of him and so happy he didn't scream like the little boy beside him! Cool Cuts gave us a little plastic bag to keep his first curls cut. He was happy to say "Cheese!!!" for Mommy for a photo when we got home. What a great experience...thankfully!

Here's a video of him at the very end when he was starting to get restless. It was making me a bit nervous that he was going to have a bald spot because he was throwing himself around! :)

Such a big boy!

Carson got a step stool for his birthday that I put in the bathroom for when he gets bigger and needs to reach the sink. Well, I guess he's big enough now! This morning he went into the bathroom and hopped right up on his stepstool.
I ran to get the camera, and he looked at me like, "Uh oh, I'm in trouble!" But soon realized Mommy was super excited that he got up there all by himself!

Cousins visit

Carson's cousins Brooke and Ali came to visit last night. Carson had a blast running all over the house with them. The girls chased him for what seemed all night, and he loved every minute!
Today he wanted Mommy to chase him around the house like they were! I definitely was not as fun!

Carson loving on Hannah

Carson can't get enough of his sweet cousin Hannah! Anytime she is down on the floor at his reach, he has to be right by her. He often randomly walks over to her and kisses her on her feet. Today, he was watching his favorite video, Baby Sign Language, but he noticed she was on her tummy mat. He walked backwards, never taking his eyes off of his video, sat down, and gave her a little side hug! She doesn't seem to mind too much! She is constantly watching every move he makes! While he watched more of his video, he kept his hand on her just to make sure she was close by. So sweet!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Water Table Fun

Carson's cousins, Sarah and Michael, have outgrown their sand and water table. Aunt Sharon graciously gave it to Carson to have. We had it out at his birthday party, but he wasn't too interested in it just yet. Matt cleaned it out last night and set it up on the back porch.
Carson had a blast with it! He was pouring water, and playing with the toys.
I told him to stand back and say, "cheese!" for the camera, and he did! He stood back and said, "Chiiiizzzz!" So cute!
Thanks Moloney family for letting Carson have something so fun to play with!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Carson's new friend Kenya

Matt and I have a high school small group, and this past Sunday we took the kids to Bear Lake for a cookout. Another one of our group sponsors, Kate, has a golden retriever named Kenya. Carson LOVES dogs, and had so much fun with Kenya at the lake.
They were lunch buddies too. Carson would drop some grilled cheese for Kenya. Pulling the canoe paddle around was another fun activity! Most of the time, Carson chased Kenya, sometimes getting a little too close to the water, and Mommy spent her time chasing Carson!

Daddy's costume!

Just thinking about the night Matt came home with this costume is making me laugh! Matt worked a golf tournament last week for the company he works for, Wildlife Solutions. They had a booth set up at a certain hole, promoting their company, handing out things, etc. Matt dressed up like a gopher to make their booth even more appealing! The night before the tournament, Matt tried the costume on for me. I couldn't help but snap some pictures of him, we'll see if he notices I posted them on our blog! :)


Another fun fall event...Halloween! I'm not sure if it's such a good idea to dress your child in a full fleece costume in 80 degree weather, but he didn't seem to mind too much! We loaded Carson up in his little red wagon to "trick or treat" my parents neigbors. Aunt Erica gave Carson his very first Halloween trick or treat basket with his name on it. Carson has been carrying it around for weeks.
Hannah came along for the ride too. She was dressed in fleece as well, and didn't last but only 1 house! :) She looked so adorable though, and it's fun just to dress them up for a picture! Carson hopped out of the wagon and off we went to the first house. He waited patiently, staring, and when the neighbors opened their door....he walked right into their house! Our child does not know stranger danger yet, ha! He even let one set of neighbors pick him up! After a couple of houses, Carson had his one piece of candy that he was settled on, and it was time to go inside. What a fun night...we are ready for it again next year!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall Family Festival

Journey's Fall Family Festival is fun every year! This year we were excited to take Carson because he can actually walk around and do things. He dressed up in his cute little elephant costume and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Carson's friend Landon was there in his cute alligator costume. Our poor boys were sweating in their fleece, head-to-toe costumes! But they look awfully cute together!
We attempted to play the "toddler games" but they were way over Carson's head. He was supossed to roll the ball and hit the pins, but he wanted to eat the ball and run out of the game room instead. I helped him play and he won cotton candy...but Daddy said, "No thank you" and gave the cotton candy back to the volunteer. What was he thinking?! Mommy would have eaten it!
Carson's favorite activity was the bounce house. Carson loves to jump and is not afraid to get out there and get crazy! He was running into all of these kids and squealing. When it was time to get out and give some other kids a turn, he would run away from us and Daddy had to finally climb up the slide and pull him out. He went on the bounce house 3 different times and had a complete blast!

Sarah's Turns 9!

Our niece Sarah turned 9 in October! We went over to Steve and Lori's for a fun pajama party (the boys had to leave after pizza and cake)!
This was the first time Matt and I got to see Carson running around the house playing with his cousins! It was so cute, and showed just how much he's growing up. He loved chasing them with balloons.