"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates." Deuteronomy 4: 6-9

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Visting Uncle Jacob

We had so much fun visiting Uncle Jacob and Brooke last weekend in Gainesville. We are so proud of Jake and all he is accomplishing at UF. He is studying hard to be an engineer! He is also working which limits the amount of time he can come home.

Uncle Jacob took us on a tour of UF, and showed us where his engineering classes are. We stopped at The Swamp to show Carson where the Gators play. Here's Carson's GATOR face!

We miss you Uncle Jacob and are looking forward to seeing you soon! Thanks for showing us all around town!

Sneak peek

Here's a sneak peek at Carson's Halloween costume! When you ask Carson, "What does an elephant say?" He lifts up his arm like a trunk, so it was only fitting when I saw this costume at the consignment store for $4.00!
I wasn't going to buy him a costume that had anything that went on his head, because he refuses to wear hats, so I thought he wouldn't like something on his head, BUT, he surprised me when I tried this costume on him.
He loves to wear it around the house and lifts up his arm as soon as you ask him what he is. Oh my...he is a cutie!

Pumpkin Patch

We had so much fun taking Carson to the pumpkin patch with his Nana and Papa, and Aunt Jamie, Uncle Will, and Hannah. This year was much different than last year because Carson was able to run around and actually pick out his pumpkin.

He rode in the wagon for a little while, but was ready to explore. He was very interested in the pumpkins that had all the big lumps on them. He picked up his favorite little pumpkin that was perfect for him.

After we picked out all the pumpkins and played a few games, we all went to lunch across the street. What a fun day, and perfect fall weather to visit the pumpkin patch!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mini Beach Vacation

We had such a blast this past weekend in Daytona Beach with our friends the Sander's and the Schondelmayer's! John and Sarah were able to get us the Presidential Suite at the Daytona Seabreeze for super cheap. We split it between the 3 families and enjoyed every minute of our 25oo square foot suite. The first night we ate at an Italian restaurant. All 3 of our boys were super tired, so we ended up getting our food to go so we could get home to put them to bed.

The next day, we went from the pool to the beach all day long. The boys had a blast playing together and wore us out just as much as they wore themselves out! We have the funniest video of all three Daddies and their boys dancing in the pool. We all have so much fun when we get together.

Eli and I got to spend some quality time together on the patio. He was all smiles and I was thoroughly enjoying him! He doesn't try to get down and run around crazy like my Carson does. He has fun just staring at you! He is the sweetest little baby.

Landon and Carson are only 9 weeks apart. They both loved the ocean and the sand. They weren't exactly sure what to do with all the shovels and pails we had, but they found their own way of using them.

Daddy had fun putting Carson on his boogie board. I, of course, was nervous about the whole thing, but Matt made sure to hold on tight. Carson would squeal after every wave. Some, more than others, depending on how big the splash was.

What a fun weekend it was just hanging out and relaxing. We are ready to do it again, but this time, for MUCH longer!

The Bradley's move to Arizona

God blessed me with my wonderful best friend Erica 13 years ago in Mrs. Laudani's 8th grade English class. That's 13 years of wonderful memories we have shared and a friendship that is solid for a lifetime! We have had years of laughter and tears, weddings and babies, and now a move across the country that we are determined to only make our friendship stronger. Her faithful and committed husband Scott was offered a job in Phoenix, Arizona a few weeks ago. After constant prayer, they decided that God was calling them to Arizona. Matt and I couldn't be happier for them. They have a beautiful baby boy Benson, who we LOVE to pieces!! Carson and Benson are 6 months apart, and have grown very fond of each other the past few months as they've grown older. Before Scott and Erica left for their new home in Phoenix, Erica and I took the boys for a little photo shoot at the mall.Our boys who we hope will grow to be best buds too!

Our little Benson Boo who is sitting up like such a big boy now!

We are so excited for Scott and Erica's new adventure in Arizona! We love you three so much and can't wait for our fun vacation to Arizona soon!

Quick Beach Visit

We went to Port Orange a couple of weekends ago to spend some time with our best friends before their move to Arizona. Afterwards, we drove to the beach to let Carson run around before we headed back home.
He's been walking for months now, but this was a different walking experience on sand! Carson kept bending down to feel it.

Here's Daddy and Carson.

Carson was running after all the little birds. Eventually, he ended up splashing right into the water. We let him get soaked since he was having so much fun!

Annual Car Wash

As sad as this may sound, Matt and I only get around to washing our cars, on our own, about once a year! The drive thru car wash at the gas station is so much easier! But this time, we had fun including Carson in the chore. Carson got right out there with Daddy and helped him move the hose, sprayed him a couple of times, and had fun playing in all the water!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Shoes

It was finally time to take Carson to the mall and get him some new shoes. He has a pair of sandals he has worn all summer, but his toes are beginning to fall over the edge, and now that he is extremely active, he was in need of some good tennis shoes. Little did we know that a new pair of shoes for a one year old would cost us $45.00! We took him to the famous kid shoe store, Stride Rite, where they proceeded to tell us that our child needed "special shoes." Yes, it's true, he did! Not just wide, he needed EXTRA wide! Poor little thing, he has chunky little feet. They sized him and we found the perfect pair. Now he's really a runner!

Chasing Ducks

On Sundays, Lake Lily in Maitland has a farmer's market. Matt and I took Carson after church to walk around. Lake Lily has lots and lots of ducks. I always make Carson stay in his stroller because I am terrified that one of them will bite him. Matt was very trusting of the ducks and let Carson run after them.
He was fascinated by them and ran after them for several minutes. It was quite entertaining and Daddy stayed close by just in case our new ducky friends decided to do anything crazy.

Now if we could just get him to say "Quack Quack" when you ask him what a duck says. He knows doggy and elephant, but we're still working on the duck sound!

Carson's 1st Trip to Disney World

M-I-C-K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E! You can't be in the DeMoor family and not LOVE Disney! Normal people don't take their child to Disney until they are old enough to remember because it's so expensive to get in, but we are blessed that Matt's dad is a Disney employee and can get us in for free anytime. We took Carson to this magical place for his birthday.
He definitely was taking it all in when we first arrived. The ferry boat over to the Magic Kingdom was enough fun for him, we could have turned around and gone home. Our first stop was Fantasy Land. Tigger and Pooh were signing autographs and taking pictures. The line was outrageous, but Matt took Carson to play on the Winnie the Pooh playground, and I stood in line waiting for our turn. He LOVED Pooh! We were expecting him to have either no emotion, or to be a little scared, but he was the total opposite. He was grabbing Pooh's face and squealing. This picture describes it best.

Next was the Winnie the Pooh ride. We walked right on it and he hung on to the bar, in the car, for dear life. It was not fast at all, just a simple little honey jar that takes you through a Winnie the Pooh story.
Then off to Toontown to visit Mickey and Minnie's house. Inside of Toontown, they also have a little splash park that he cooled off in. We caught the train from Toontown and headed to the next adventure.
Carson's next adventure didn't start for awhile...the parade. Luckily, Carson fell fast asleep in the stroller and took a little snooze while we waited at the Magic Kingdom entrance to watch the parade. He woke up just in time to jump on Daddy's shoulders to see all the action.

We even bought him his own Mickey ears and had his name embroidered on it. He wasn't too excited about wearing it, but at least we have the ears for a little souvenir.

After the parade, we headed over to Epcot to meet our friends. Landon is Mickey Mouse's biggest fan and he showed Carson his favorite part of Epcot...meeting the characters.

After dinner, we took the boys to watch Epcot's fireworks. They were so loud that even I was a bit bothered. We rushed Carson inside a nearby store and tried to distract him with stuffed animals!
What a fun day and great memories!

So behind on blogging....

What was I thinking when I thought that the older Carson got, the easier life would become, and I would actually become more organized and less scatter-brained without having an infant anymore. Goodness....it's getting SO much worse! Now my days are filled with chasing my little running one year old, who loves to climb everything and jump off, and trying to keep him on the ground and safe. My blog is so behind, but I am determined to catch up!