"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates." Deuteronomy 4: 6-9

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sweet brothers!

Tanner wasn't feeling well so we headed to the store to stock up on some feel better foods. Carson and Tanner both rode in the car cart and Carson took care of his brother in the store. Love them!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Tanner's first day of Pre-K3!

Tanner pretty much shocked me on his first day! Tanner is more of a Mommy's boy but he was ready for preschool! He stood by the door and waited patiently for his class to start.
He went right in and found the airplanes. Another friend was playing already too and he wasn't hesitant at all to walk away from me. 
My sweet boy was ready for his fun first day! Love him to pieces! 
Hannah, Carson, and Tanner gave their first day back two thumbs up! Way to go kids! 

Carson's first day of Pre-K4!

 Well...he's a big boy now. Carson walked right in on his first day and knew exactly what to do. He unpacked his backpack into his cubby all by himself...
Then he sat right down and began his seat work for the morning. A little bittersweet as we said goodbye. He was so sweet to give me kisses and an "I love you Mom" but he didn't take a second glance back when I walked out the door! 
He quietly did what he was supposed to be working on like a good little student. I knew he'd have a wonderful day! 
At pick up, I was first in line and was able to peek through the glass of the door to see him listening and sitting so quietly during storytime. That's my boy! So thankful for our school and for the wonderful teachers we get each year! 

Back to Preschool!

We're ready for the big day! Backpacks and lunchboxes...check!
Teacher gifts...check! 
Our almost 5 year old, Carson James entering Pre-K this year! 
Our sweet 3 year old Tanner Matthew, ready to tackle the 3's class this year! 
Incredibly adorable brothers.... 
Oh, and they are silly too :) 
Let's go!!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to School Books!

In the weeks leading up to Preschool, we went to the library to check out "Back to School" books to start preparing the boys on what's to come! The night before school we read two books,"What to Expect at Preschool" and "Back-to-School Rules"! Both good books to have some good conversations about their first day tomorrow! Love my handsome little guys!

Hannah turns 4!

Our sweet Hannah Grace is 4! She had a fun Ariel birthday party at My Gym! 
Hadley standing up like a big girl in the gym! 
Hannah's cake was adorable! 
All of her friends and family sang her Happy Birthday! 
We love you Hannie and had such a fun day celebrating you! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Meet the Teacher - Carson

It's Carson's final year at CCC! I can't believe he's in Pre-K! We have been blessed again by 2 wonderful teachers, Mrs. Wilson, and Mrs. Sellars.
Carson is our talkative, outgoing little guy and was excited to tell his new teachers all about himself and everything else he had learned recently!  
He first found his desk and began sorting through the different papers. There was a scavenger hunt for him to get to know his classroom. 
Mommy had to quickly skip over this sweet baggie on his desk (talk about tear filled eyes!) 
He first had to find his cubby.... 
The Bible verses chart.... 
The classroom job chart.... 
The I am responsible board.... 
And the Blessings board.... 
Here's his cute little circle time area... 
He loved finding the puzzles and got right to work on the Eagle puzzle! 
It's going to be a great year in Pre-K! 

Meet the Teacher - Tanner

 This year will be different for our little TT! He has been at CCC for over a year, but he was used to only going one day a week. This year it only made sense to put him in the same 3 days that Carson will be going. Thankfully, Tanner got the same classroom as Carson did last year so he was familiar with his surroundings! We went on Friday to meet his teachers Ms. Debbie and Ms. Jenni! 
They are incredibly sweet and welcomed Tanner right in!  
They had a scavenger hunt planned so he could familiarize himself with the classroom. First up to find, his cubby! 
He quickly found the rocketships, dinosaurs, and trains to play with... 
He got to meet other friends from his class and play for a little while. At the end, his teacher gave him a butterfly grapes snack since their class is called the Butterfly friends...so cute! Tanner is ready to be a big boy in the 3's class this year!